Meet the Oneida Figures

Meet the figures at the Museum's Oneida Indian Nation tableau and multimedia experience. Each of the figures is based on a real Oneida person and dressed in garments representative of what these people wore in the 1770s, combining Native fashion and Euro-American textiles and trade goods. Their words are drawn from a variety of sources and written in the style apparent in recorded Native American speeches, treaty negotiations, and conversations.

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Explore the story about Tyonajanegen, also known as Two Kettles Together

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Han Yerry Tweahangarahken

Explore the story of Han Yerry.

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Johannus Skenandoah

Explore the story of Skenandoah.

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Mary Hanonwayele

Explore the story of Mary Hanonwayele, also known as Wale.

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Cornelius Ojistalak

Explore the story of Cornelius Ojistalak, also known as Grasshopper.

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Explore the story of Tegahsweangalolis, also known as Paul Powless.

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