The “Petticoat Electors”



1740 – 1780
Embroidered Silk

Women often wore petticoats as undergarments in the 1700s. They were typically worn underneath a gown or robe, with the primary function of either keeping a woman warm or helping her achieve the desired shape of a garment. Some open-robed skirts revealed a decorative petticoat worn beneath. This silk petticoat belonged to a New Jersey woman in the Revolutionary era.

Museum of the American Revolution

Petticoat Border

1740 – 1770
Embroidered Plied Wool Crewel Yarn on Linen

Petticoat borders provided women a way to display their embroidery talents on their clothing. Borders were often sewn across the hem of a petticoat to enhance a garment or add creative flair, usually with a floral or foliage design. The intricate design on this border includes images of roses and tulips, a calico cat, birds, vines and berries.

Monmouth County Historical Association