The Boudinot and Stockton Women


Susan Vergereau Boudinot Bradford (Mrs. William Bradford)

John Gadsby Chapman, Artist
Oil on Canvas

Susan Boudinot Bradford was the daughter of Hannah and Elias Boudinot and wife of Pennsylvania Chief Justice and Attorney General William Bradford. As a young girl during the Revolution, Susan was remembered as throwing her tea out of the window at the New Jersey Governor’s home, establishing herself as a young Revolutionary. In her later life, Susan Bradford shared her social circle with Nelly Parke Custis and Elizabeth Bordley Gibson. 

Bradford remained a widow of femme sole status following the death of her husband in 1795, perhaps making her eligible to vote in the state of New Jersey.

Princeton University Art Museum / Art Resource, NY

Hannah Stockton Boudinot (Mrs. Elias Boudinot IV)

Charles Wilson Peale, Artist
Oil on Canvas

Hannah Stockton Boudinot was the sister-in-law of Annis Boudinot Stockton, the mother of Susan Vergereau Boudinot, and the wife of Elias Boudinot, a successful New Jersey lawyer, congressman, and supporter of women’s rights. In this portrait, she holds a copy of Scottish poet James Thomson’s The Seasons (1730), demonstrating her pride in her literacy.

Princeton University Art Museum / Art Resource, NY