Witness to War

Musket fire at the Battle of Germantown caused the holes in this fence. The impact probably sent dangerous splinters flying. Until it was donated to the Germantown Historical Society in about 1915, this fence stood at the perimeter of a property on Germantown Avenue. Similar fences are visible in Xavier della Gatta’s painting of the battle. British and American soldiers tore down some of the fencing around Germantown that got in the way of the battling armies. 

Courtesy of the Germantown Historical Society Collection at Historic Germantown

Artifacts from the Battlefield

These small lead musket balls and larger grapeshot (iron balls fired by cannons) were recovered from the battlefield at Germantown. 

Musket Balls & Grapeshot 
Lead, Iron
Courtesy of Cliveden, a Historic Site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation