The Macaroni Duelists

Dressed in foppish clothing with exaggerated hairstyles, these four “macaroni” are preparing for a duel with pistols. The man on the left and the man third from left are the duelists. The other two men are seconds, or assistants, for the duelists. The larger of the two seconds appears to be drawing a line in the ground, while the other second presents one of the duelists with snuff (powdered tobacco). Gentlemen dueled to preserve their honor, but most duels ended before any shots were fired. Richard Mansergh St. George’s caricature satirizes dueling, a practice that he spoke out against later in life.

The Macaroni Duelists
Drawn by Richard Mansergh St. George; Published by Matthew and Mary Darly
January 15, 1772
Courtesy of the The Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University