An Eyewitness Sketch

British Ensign William Augustus West, Viscount Cantelupe, fought at the Battle of Brandywine and sketched this scene in his journal. It is the only known eyewitness sketch of the battle to survive. In the foreground, British troops form a battle line along a fence and fire upon American soldiers amongst trees upon a hill. The rising smoke at the center of the scene is from the firing of three Continental Army cannons on the hill top. The battle took place on farm land and various farm buildings and fences are visible in this sketch

The Battery of the Rebels opened on Brandywine heights the 11th of September 1777 in the county of Birmingham
Drawn by William Augustus West, Viscount Cantelupe
Reproduced by permission of Durham University Library and Lord Howick. DUL Ref.: GRE/A2239a