January 9, 2018

The Ten Crucial Days in Ten Hours

In the middle of the Revolutionary War, New Jersey was a battlefield. Soldiers fought in small skirmished and large battles, shivered in winter quarters, and marched almost everywhere. Civilians supported the cause of liberty or the King, followed the armies, and got by as best they could. We tell some of these stories at the Museum of the American Revolution and we encourage guests to visit nearby historic sites to learn more about what happened in our region. More

February 24, 2016

Young Friends: 'Tavern Talks'

How many different ways can you say inebriated?Bowz'd, Drunk as a Wheel-Barrow, Buzzey, Got a Brass Eye, Fuzl'd, Booz'd the Gage, As Dizzy as a... More

December 29, 2015

Revolution Society

Become a Charter MemberThe Revolution Society honors distinguished, modern-day patriots who are the Museum of the American Revolution... More


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    #Onthisday in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia. Just around the corner from the Mus… t.co/vD8cIsgzxB
June 19, 2018


The American Declaration of Independence asserts the natural rights of individuals and the responsibility of the people to ensure their government advances the common good. This Fourth of July, we’ll be exploring the Declaration’s very words and global legacy, inviting visitors to tell us how they understand the Declaration’s meaning for today. More