June 13, 2020

Design Your Own Flag Craft

Download our printable PDF worksheet and instructions to learn about what different flag symbols mean and then create a flag of your own. More

June 4, 2020

A Message from the Museum

There are some things that we do not need history to understand. We mourn the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others, as do all people who respect the dignity of human life and the meaning of justice. More


  • 2 h
    #OTD in 1776, inspired by a public reading of the Declaration of Independence, a crowd of soldiers and civilians to… t.co/z5oRzHG2E6
  • 19 h
    Pickle stands weren’t just for pickles. Revolutionary Philadelphians used them to serve fish, meats, and sweet trea… t.co/WrPhxyTxYt
  • 23 h
    During the Revolutionary era, ceramics were used to advocate for change and justice. Michelle Erickson, who was an… t.co/sN6SSBhyqV