Artisan Field Trip with Joiner Brian McDonald

Artisan Field Trip with Joiner Brian McDonald

April 10, 2020

The Museum's Artisan Field Trips feature video interviews with living history artisans and makers as they demonstrate their Revolutionary-era crafts. Joiner Brian McDonald joins Museum Gallery Interpretation Manager Tyler Putman to discuss his carpentry work. For more Artisan Field Trips, check out interviews with historic costume maker Jana Violanteshoemaker Shaun Pekar, and bookbinder Paul McClintock.

Throughout our Virtual Spring Break, sponsored by PECO, the Museum highlighted things you can make at home, the people who make things for the Museum, and the makers of the Revolutionary War. In the 1700s, young people served seven-year apprenticeships to learn skilled trades. Just like today, people had specialized jobs. Learn more about these skilled tradespeople at our Artisans and Makers Digital Discovery Cart.

Artisan Field Trip: Brian McDonald, Carpenter from AmRevMuseum on Vimeo.

Check out bonus footage from Brian McDonald to further demonstrate the process for making a window and window sash using 18th-century techniques.

Artisan Field Trip with Carpenter Brian McDonald - Bonus Footage from AmRevMuseum on Vimeo.

Check more of Brian McDonald's joinery work at

Virtual Spring Break with the Museum, sponsored by PECO, ran online in April 202, featuring do-at-home crafts and activities, virtual story time, Artisans Field Trip living history interviews, and live Q&As with Museum staff.

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