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A desktop computer showing the Timeline of the American Revolution with a succulent and mug next to the computer

Timeline of the American Revolution

Explore the history of the American Revolution through objects, artifacts, and documents from the Museum's collection that were there.
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Washington's Field Headquarters featuring the Sleeping Marque tent and a soldier guarding it

Museum's Virtual Tour of George Washington’s Field Headquarters Named a Webby Award Nominee

The Museum of the American Revolution’s Virtual Tour of Washington’s Field Headquarters has been named a Nominee by the 27th Annual Webby Awards.
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Visitors of the Museum of the American Revolution in the Liberty Tree gallery which features a Liberty Tree
Jeff Fusco

360-Degree Virtual Tours

Explore the compelling stories and complex events of the American Revolution through 360-degree high-resolution panoramic images and much more with our Virtual Museum Tour and Virtual Tour of Washington's Field Headquarters.
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Washington Field HQ Sleeping Marquee Exterior View

New Virtual Tour Takes Viewers Inside a Recreation of George Washington’s Field Headquarters from the Revolutionary War

A recently launched virtual tour from the Museum of the American Revolution allows digital explorers from across the globe to experience a recreation of Washington’s wartime field headquarters to learn more about life on campaign during the Revolutionary War.
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Cost of Revolution

Learn about the story of Richard Mansergh St. George, an Irish officer in the British Army, and his experience during the Revolutionary era.
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The Davenport Letters

Explore a series of letters written during the Revolutionary War by brothers and Continental Army soldiers James and Isaac How Davenport between 1778-1783.
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Among His Troops

Explore the online version of the Museum's 2018 special exhibition.
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Meet the Figures: Oneida Nation Theater

At the Museum's Oneida Nation Theater, featuring six life-cast figures and a film, meet Oneida people in the midst of a debate about how they will engage in the Revolutionary War.
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Picturing Washington's Army

Explore rare paintings of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, including the only known wartime, eyewitness image of George Washington's tent.
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Among His Troops: Discovery

The Museum of the American Revolution’s newly discovered watercolor of the encampment at Verplanck’s Point is one of two known panoramic views of the Continental Army in camp, both of which army engineer Captain Pierre Charles L’Enfant created in 1782. When the Museum’s curators first saw the watercolor of Verplanck’s Point for sale at auction, they immediately saw similarities to L’Enfant’s panorama of West Point owned by the Library of Congress. An investigation of other original sources—diaries, letters, army orders, and maps—helped date both scenes to a narrow time period of three months, August through October 1782. Further study of the Verplanck’s Point watercolor’s provenance and a small ink inscription on the back confirmed that L’Enfant painted it during the Revolutionary War. The Museum’s discovery provides modern audiences with a glimpse into the highest professional moment of the Continental Army, the artistry of Pierre Charles L’Enfant, and a new eyewitness view of George Washington’s war tent. 

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