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In the 1700s, young people served seven-year apprenticeships to learn skilled trades. Just like today, people had specialized jobs. The Museum's Artisan Field Trips feature video interviews with living history artisans and makers as they demonstrate their Revolutionary-era crafts. 

Jana Violante, seamstress
Brian McDonald, carpenter
Shaun Pekar, shoemaker
Paul McClintock, bookbinder

Meet the Revolution! Interviews
Meet the Revolution! is an ongoing series of costumed living history programs that explore the voices, viewpoints, and experiences of the diverse people of the Revolutionary era.

Noah Lewis, portrays Edward "Ned" Hector, a free African American man and soldier who fought in the Revolutionary War
Kalela Williams, portrays an African American teacher in Philadelphia in the 1790s

Freedom on the Horizon Performance
Actress and historical interpreter Nastassia Parker portrays Ona Judge, an enslaved woman who ran away from George and Martha Washington’s household in Philadelphia, in a 20-minute, one-woman theatrical piece, “Freedom on the Horizon.”

Living History at Home Cooking Demos
What were the Continental soldiers eating while on campaign during the Revolutionary War? The Museum's Living History at Home cooking demonstrations take you through making foods inspired by Joseph Plumb Martin's Memoir of a Revolutionary Soldier published in 1830. 

Making Hard Bread
Making Gingerbread
Cooking a Pumpkin

Interested in learning more about Revolutionary-era artisans and their skilled crafts? Check out our Artisans and Makers Digital Discovery Cart.