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Many students today encounter a story of the American Revolution that omits the perspective of the British and of the Loyalists who supported them. Yet it’s through an understanding of “the other side” that allows us to see the complexity of life and decision-making in the 18th century, and to truly understand what was at stake. Whether past or present, it’s important to understand the perspectives, arguments, and humanity of “the other side.”

This workshop will introduce educators to sources representing diverse perspectives from King George III and Parliament to merchants and common soldiers. It will allow teachers to brainstorm with Museum educators and each other as to how they might include these voices in their classrooms moving forward and consider how tools for practicing historical thinking can apply to contemporary conversations about divisive issues today.

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Dr. Philip Mead leads a class of teachers at the Season Of Independence Summer Teacher Institute.

Professional Development Workshops

Join fellow teachers for interactive workshops, engaging discussions, and content-rich presentations exploring the American Revolution in both historical and contemporary contexts.
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For Students & Educators

Engage your students with the dramatic story of America's Founding with our in-person, in-class, homeschool, and virtual learning resources.
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Before Equality: The King in American Life

Explore the Museum's "Rule Britannia" gallery, featuring objects that reveal how present symbols of the monarchy were in everyday colonial life.
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