History after Hours: Ceramics in the City

Celebrate the craftspeople, artisans, and artificers who made the Revolution possible and those who continue to make Philadelphia a hub for the handmade. 

Join object conservator, Alissa Vignalo and our Collections Manager and Registrar Michelle Moskal, as they discuss preservation methods for several ceramic artifacts, including our 1770s Success to the City of Boston mug. Sometimes what was found in ceramic vessels can be just as interesting and Vignalo will demonstrate a method of extracting remnants of the past.

Travel through our galleries to meet some of the artisans who would have been located on our block. Witness a pottery wheel throw down where two artists from The Clay Studio duel it out on separate wheels. Finally, experience the 18th “scentury” with our Smelladelphia program in the Rotunda. Fill up your own vessel for Happy Hour drink specials in the Cross Keys Cafe.