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The Museum's first oval office project set up at Newport Historical Society with four costumed living history interpreters and one Museum staff member in a navy blue museum polo.

Join the Museum at Newport Historical Society in Newport, Rhode Island, for their two-day The French in 1780 Newport Weekend where we will set up our First Oval Office Project, a recreation of General George Washington's sleeping and office tent and furniture that served as his mobile headquarters while on campaign.

Thousands of French troops landed in Newport in July 1780 starting an occupation that lasted for nearly a year. The presence of this new ally represented a turning point in the American Revolution. While French troops played a vital role in American victory at Yorktown in 1781, Newport citizens were far from welcoming upon their arrival in 1780. The French in 1780 Newport Weekend will feature living historians portraying recognizable figures such as George and Martha Washington along with the head of the French army, comte de Rochambeau. Dozens of costumed living historians representing both civilians and French soldiers will discuss what it was like to build a relationship with this new ally. Programming will take place on Washington Square.

This event is sponsored by the National Parks Service's Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail and Discover Newport.

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General George Washington's Revolutionary War headquarters tent on display at the Museum

Washington's War Tents

Explore the cornerstone of the Museum's collection, General George Washington's Revolutionary War Tent, and the handsewn, full-scale replica of his field headquarters.
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Washington Field HQ Sleeping Marquee Exterior View

Virtual Tour of Washington's Field Headquarters

Explore the Museum's handsewn, full-scale replicas of General George Washington's Revolutionary War sleeping, dining, and baggage tents through 360-degree images in our Virtual Tour of Washington's Field Headquarters.
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Image 101220 Foop George Washingtons Replica War Tent

First Oval Office Project

Learn more about the Museum's handsewn, full-scale replica of General George Washington's mobile Revolutionary War headquarters tents.
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