Finding Freedom National Teacher Advisory Group

Join a select group of diverse educators from across this country to help us shape a new online learning resource!

It’s Virginia, 1781, and the United States of America is embroiled in a bloody war with Great Britain. While skirmishes continue in the north, the major theater of battle has shifted south, and a large contingent of the British Army has decided to head towards the Virginia coast, near Yorktown. With the British – and a possible chance at freedom – seemingly so close by, enslaved people of African descent face a decision: try to run towards the British, stay where they are, or possibly seek their freedom in other ways? And what of free people of African descent – what actions are in their best interest? Eve, Deborah, Jack, London and Andrew must ask themselves these questions, and it is their stories that are explored in the Museum’s in-gallery digital interactive, Finding Freedom.

Applications for the Finding Freedom National Teacher Advisory Group are now closed.

This summer, the Museum will embark on an ambitious project to take this digital interactive online, supplemented by materials to support teaching and learning by educators, students, and the general public. We value the voices of educators in this process and are looking to convene a National Teacher Advisory Group representing educators 5th – 12th grade educators from private, parochial, public, charter and other schools across the nation, and advocating for students from a variety of backgrounds and needs.

National Teacher Advisory Group (NTAG) members will be expected to participate in four meetings:

  1. August 2019 (Date TBD): Conference Call
  2. Fall 2019 (Date TBD): Conference Call
  3. Winter 2019 (Date TBD): Conference Call
  4. Summer 2020 (Dates TBD): On-site Convening at the Museum

NTAG members will also be expected to review all shared project materials and respond to all project-related email communications.

Interested teachers will be asked to submit an application which includes several short answer questions regarding their interest and educational philosophy.

Applications for the Finding Freedom National Teacher Advisory Group are now closed.

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