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Board of Directors

Will Schwartz

As co-founder of INTECH Construction, Will Schwartz, along with his partner Craig “Sab” Sabatino, has built INTECH from its humble beginnings in 1986 into a dynamic force in the commercial construction industry. With an inherent sense of fairness, combined with a strong determination to deliver on promises made, Will is a hands-on “passionate principal.” He takes an active leadership role, guiding the company to successfully meet project challenges, and maximizing value for our clients. As a first generation company, INTECH benefits from the ongoing vision, experience, and leadership strength of its original founders.  

Strongly relationship-oriented, Will is motivated by personal integrity and the strength of his word. His resolute work ethic inspires others to do their best, while his down to earth personality earns him the respect and cooperation of peers, project teams, owners, and architects. Will’s extensive experience constructing a wide variety of building types enables him to solve complex project issues, while his innovative nature encourages the exploration of possibilities. Through his commitment to creative problem-solving and an inclination toward collaboration and consensus-building, Will is dedicated to constructing high quality work, achieving project budgets, and implementing excellent design in the field.  

Clients who have worked with INTECH can attest to Will’s dedication, commitment, and involvement in the daily activities of each job he oversees. Unique for a company owner in the Philadelphia region, he is an active Principal-in-Charge with a strong project focus, following projects through from Pre-Construction all the way to project close-out. Will has an understanding and attention to detail that establishes a standard of excellence for project teams. He effectively bridges client vision with construction realities, and continually looks toward improving INTECH’s performance in project delivery, in support of our region, and in service to our clients.

Will is married to Valerie and enjoys living in Center City.  They have two children, Ali (25) and Drew (24).

A native of Peru, Will holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.