June 19, 2018


The American Declaration of Independence asserts the natural rights of individuals and the responsibility of the people to ensure their government advances the common good. This Fourth of July, we’ll be exploring the Declaration’s very words and global legacy, inviting visitors to tell us how they understand the Declaration’s meaning for today. More


  • 12 h
    Looking for a delicious post-Museum visit meal? Get 20% off your tab with your Museum ticket at Red Owl Tavern at 5… t.co/Y0O8h5Hvya
  • 14 h
    This cotton parade flag was made for the 1860 campaign of Abraham Lincoln and displays a beardless portrait and 13… t.co/coxe4YF1Yz
  • 16 h
    Muster your spirits this Saturday with The New Jersey Fife and Drums as they perform music that would have been pla… t.co/DlfjDNzgqp

Tunes from Owen Madden's Music Book

We enlisted our summer intern Matt Skic to play some of the tunes from Revolutionary War soldier and fifer Owen Madden's music book, a new object in the Museum's collection. Take a listen! More