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    The Road to Independence

    The rumblings of the American Revolution began more than a decade before the “shot heard ‘round the world” ignited America’s War for Independence. Discover how the American Colonists became Revolutionaries as the roots of rebellion took hold.

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    The Darkest Hour

    As the fragmented colonies entered an uncertain war, wrestle--alongside the colonists--with the ideals of liberty and independence versus the realities of fighting a war against the most powerful and professional army in Europe. 

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    A Revolutionary War

    Explore the final years of the War for Independence from the multiplicity of perspectives of the people who lived through it. Explore how Revolutionary Americans struggled with the weight question of freedom for whom, even as their prospects of victory brightened. 

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    A New Nation

    With the hard-fought establishment of the United States of America, the Revolutionaries suceeded in gaining independence. But then came the immense task of creating a nation founded on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Museum of the American Revolution

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101 South Third St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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Bringing celebrated authors and historians to the Museum of the American Revolution for lively, facilitated discussions of their work.  These evening programs explore the people, events, ideas, and legacies of our nation's Founding era.